You Should Know About Firmware Update 2.0 if you Own a Nikon Z8. Firmware update 2.0: What you should know

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If you missed it, Nikon announced the release a firmware update to its Z8 mirrorless cameras. It’s the first major software update so far for this model.

Nikon is known by many users for the high level of usefulness that its firmware releases give to the brand’s major cameras. Other camera models, such as the Z9, have seen real performance improvements.

The Z8 is essentially a Z8 “budget”The Z9 is a close cousin to the Z9 and shares many of its features and specifications. The cousin that is bigger and more expensive.

Firmware Update 2.0These should be beefed up even more.

With this download, owners of the Z8 can now enjoy a new subject AF detection option that’s specifically geared at birds. The firmware also offers support for Nikon’s Auto Capture function, which lets a user conduct automatic shooting with preset criteria.

Pixel shift is another feature of the update 2.0. This feature allows the camera to combine multiple high-resolution images into a single 180MP combined photo. This technology is a great tool for certain types of photography, especially still photos.

An example image captured by a Nikon Z8

Firmware update 2.0 includes the following notable features:

  • The new preset is called “Rich Tone Portrait Picture Control” for portrait photography
  • Custom function buttons can now be configured with a greater number of functions
  • New shutter sounds and volume levels
  • Function to adjust the width of focus border
  • In manual focus mode, you can exit zoom by half-pressing the shutter button
  • The image scrolling feature allows you to center the display on your face and quickly detect sharp shots
  • Control for exclusion from EXIF data of shooting orientation

If you own a Nikon Z8 camera, you are eligible to download the Nikon Z8 app. Download Update 2.0 Here. Clicking the “Firmware”Update 2.0 is the top option on the button.

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