Solitude World Fleet Launches Solitude Gaia, a New Liveaboard

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We are friends with Solitude LiveaboardsThe following are some examples of how to get started: Resorts have unveiled the latest addition to their fleet—Solitude Gaia. The scuba diving liveaboard will head to the Philippines’ spectacular Tubbataha Reef Marine Park between March and July, before undertaking annual expeditions in Palau from September.

The vessel can accommodate up to 18 guests in nine cabins, including “ocean-view staterooms, verandahs, lower deck interiors, and main deck accommodations.” While the press release below doesn’t specify, you can expect great facilities for underwater photographers, such as a well-equipped camera room and big camera rinse tanks, as found on Solitude One and Solitude Adventurer.

You can read the press releases below and see their special launch offers.



Solitude Gaia: Redefining Liveaboard Adventures

Solitude GaiaThe newest addition of the Solitude World Fleet, the, epitomises unparalleled hospitality that is synonymous with Solitude. Solitude Liveaboards and Resorts—an authentic experience cherished by all. As we embark on a thrilling journey with Solitude GaiaOur commitment to maintaining the high standards of guest service has not changed over the years.

Solitude GaiaThe scuba diving liveaboard sets a new standard in maritime adventure, seamlessly blending sophistication with exploration and environmental consciousness.

Gaia is the Greek goddess of the Earth. Solitude Gaia embodies a profound commitment to connecting individuals with the ocean’s wonders while advocating for environmental stewardship. It is more than a liveaboard. It offers an immersive experience, where refined comfort and the spirit of exploration merge.


In 2024 Solitude Liveaboards and Resorts enter a transformative era. To mark this historic period, we are proud to introduce Solitude Gaia. This exceptional vessel will be the first to grace the waters of the world in mid-2023. It is set to redefine adventure, experience and signify the beginning of an extraordinary odyssey.

In 2024, the first liveaboard voyages will be launched. Solitude Gaia beckons adventurers to “Uncover the Depths of Refined Adventure.” Beginning its journey from March to July in Tubbataha, The Philippines, for a limited season, followed by annual expeditions in Palau from September onwards, the vessel promises an unforgettable voyage.

Celebrate the launch of Solitude GaiaBookings for 2024 are now available. All bookings made before June 1, 2024 are eligible for our promotional offers.

  • Bookings are eligible for a 10% discount OR
  • For every group of 5 paying divers, an additional diver at no cost* (*Applied to the lowest-priced cruise package). This offer is valid to all Solitude GaiaCruises available until June 5, 2025

Key Features of Solitude Gaia:

  • Harmonious Fusion between Comfort and AdventureEquipped with an aluminium and steel superstructure, Solitude GaiaThis ensures a peaceful journey without compromising comfort.
  • Cabins with a Meticulous DesignThe ship has nine cabins including verandahs and lower deck interiors as well as accommodations on the main deck. Solitude GaiaThis tranquil retreat can accommodate up 18 guests.
  • The Solitude ServiceDelivering impeccable service and a diverse range water sports, as well as environmentally conscious practices to create a unique and unparalleled experience for passengers aboard Solitude Gaia.
  • Environmental ResponsibilityConscious decision making allows you to balance service quality with environmental impact.
  • Dive into Gaia’s RealmDiscover the wonders of nature by scuba-diving, exploring coral reefs or observing exotic marine life.

Solitude GaiaThe liveaboard is more than that. It’s an invitation to embark upon a journey of transformation where elegance, adventure, environmental awareness, and discreet elegance converge.

Please contact us for inquiries and bookings at [email protected].

Solitude Gaia – A brief description Solitude Gaia is a scuba diving liveaboard dedicated to delivering extraordinary experiences that connect individuals with the ocean’s splendours while promoting environmental responsibility. Comfort, adventure and sustainability are its cornerstones. Solitude GaiaThe underwater journey is a unique opportunity for travellers to explore the marine ecosystem and protect it.

Upcoming expedition for a limited season: Tubbataha, The Philippines, March 2023–July 2024

Official Launch in PalauAnnual Expeditions Starting September 2024



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