Make it Your Own Time!

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Boeing 747-4BF captured with Z 6II/ Z70-200f2.8

Fast is smooth, and smooth is fast. This very simple mantra is applicable 100% to panning aircraft in flight and photographing them. The more you practice panning, the faster and smoother it becomes. The faster and smoother you move, the sharper images you will get at slower shutter speed. How do you achieve that? Practice and there’s the rub. Most regional and major airports publish the arrival and departure time of aircraft on their websites. You can check out the arrival and departure times, the weather, the look, and your own schedule, and find a time that works for you. That’s what I do. It takes only 10-20 minutes. Once I arrive at an airport, I close down the aperture to the slowest shutter I want to shoot the aircraft with. It’s important to do it once or twice per month. With this simple method, you will be blown away by how much faster you become and how sharper your images will be. Remember to take your own time!

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