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Janet Massimino has created a collection of abstract paintings using acrylic, cold wax and oil. Visit her website to see more of this talented artist. Website.


“When My Peonies Bloom” acrylic on panel, 48″ x 36″


While it’s not always been the case, I am an abstract artist. In my formative years, I discovered the thrill of creating from nothing. I have carried the feeling with me for all these years.


oil and cold wax abstract painting

“October Blaze II” oil and cold wax on panel, 24″ x 24″


Today, I enjoy painting. It’s as simple as that. It’s the challenge of a blank canvases and creating something tangible that is born out of an emotional reaction that draws me to the studio. I use color, shape and texture to express an emotion from a memory.


oil and cold wax painting

“Blue Heron” oil and cold wax on paper 10″ x 7″


When I’m not in the studio, I like to regularly spend time on a trail or casting a line in a river. In the Pacific Northwest, where I live, they are easily accessible.


Ethereal abstract on paper

“Waldeinsamkeit” oil and cold wax on paper, 10″ x 7″


The colors in my garden, the rocky outcroppings on the river, or the shadowy patterns on a dusty path trigger a feeling I carry with me. My time outdoors encourages me to explore how the metaphysical and physical worlds interact and influence each other. The rising and falling of an image as I paint is a symbol for the ever-changing terrain that I explore.


Abstract painting in oil and cold wax

“Summer Pleasures” oil and cold wax on panel, 24″ x 22″


For expressing my thoughts, I prefer the rich seductive quality of adding oil to wax mediums. Acrylic paints are often what I use. Mixing a limited palette of colors to create a hue I’ve never seen before excites me greatly.


abstract painting created with oil and cold wax medium

“Yugen I” oil and cold wax on paper, 10″ x 7″


It’s not unusual for me to add dirt and dried organic materials to the paint. I also use a stick, a rock or a piece of wood to make marks onto a paper or wood panel. I often expand an idea on multiple surfaces by working simultaneously.


abstract painting by Janet Massimino

“Yugen II” oil and cold wax on paper, 10″ x 7″


I’m finding that as I get older my focus has become simpler and more direct. I love learning new techniques to express things I cannot otherwise articulate in words.


Dramatic abstract painting in oil and cold wax medium

“Huzun” oil and cold wax on paper, 10″ x 7 “


Wildness in nature can be a powerful healer. I encourage others to follow their creative dreams, and to explore the curiosity of their hearts wherever they journey takes them.


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