Activists Decry Hamas’ Sexual Violence By Protesting at Tate Modern –

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On Friday evening, the Tate Modern in London, activists flooded a feminist art event in protest against Hamas’ alleged use of sexual violence.

The women wore their bloodied pants to honor Naama Levy, a 19-year-old hostage who was taken by the militant group. GazaDuring the October 7 attacks against Israel. They also carried signs with the names and faces of hostages and tied themselves to one another with rope, chanting “Bring her home” and “Rape is a war crime”, the Jewish Chronicle reported.

The activists were stationed at a Tate event to celebrate the art collective Guerrilla GirlsThe Russian punk resistance group Pussy Riot. The event, organizers explained, “showed the silence and complicity of the international feminist community in the face of the mass rape of women and girls by Hamas”.

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The women later entered the museum’s Turbine Hall standing in silence.

The demonstration was intended to raise awareness for Israeli female hostages and to criticize the lack of effort from feminist, cultural, and women’s organizations.

“Most of these organizations have ignored or failed to properly address the violence and sexual crimes committed against Israeli women and girls during the October 7 massacre, while the Israeli hostages are still facing, more than 100 days after, the same violence,” the organizers added.

This is just one of many efforts, including the larger grassroots campaign #BringThemHomeNow focused on bringing those who were taken home and providing assistance to their families.

Witnesses of the release of hostages have reported Hamas is responsible for sexual violenceWhile members of  ZAKA, a ultra-orthodox Jewish human remains recovery organization, reported recovering evidence of sexual violence and rape. A two-month New York Times investigation argued that attacks against women were part of a “broad pattern of gender-based violence” on October 7.

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